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Everything The Light Touches: Darkened Horizons

A Lion King RPG

The Lion King RPG
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For all information including rules, how to join, character descriptions, and much more, please visit our website, Darkened Horizons.

Sorry, but we are currently not accepting any new members. This is likely to be a permanent action, but may be reversed later on. Readers and viewers of the RP are still welcome, though!

Claimed Canon Lion King Characters:

Nala the Lioness: botaukgosi
Kiara the Lioness: lokitheinsane
Kopa the Lion: konatemaraca
Kovu The Lion: thunder89
Pumbaa the Warthog: cowardly_hero
Rafiki the Baboon: thunder89
Scar the Lion: konatemaraca
Simba The Lion: mystic_lioness
Timon the Meerkat: cowardly_hero
Vitani the Lioness: deniseraven
Zira The Lioness: deniseraven

The following canon roles are open, though we really don't have much of a story for them, so they are on 'hold', so to speak. This means that if you have a brilliant idea for them to incorporate into the story, then you may use them, but if not, then no thanks, we're too far along: Zazu

Other Created Original Characters:

Anocksunamun the Leopard: darkrose283
Anyango the Meerkat: le_lizwe
Asali the Leopard: zaikuu
Asikari the Leopard: thunder89
Ayanzi the Hyena: konatemaraca
Ayele the Leopard: mystic_lioness
Dziva the Lioness: deniseraven
H'Baura the Leopard: zaikuu
Jahari the Lion: mystic_lioness
Jelani the Lion: otieno
Kamaria the Lioness: mystic_lioness
Kamau the Lioness: konatemaraca
Ketan the Lion: konatemaraca
Kianga the Lioness: lokitheinsane
Kulova the Leopard: deniseraven
Loki the Lion: lokitheinsane
Masozi the Lion: le_lizwe
Mheetu the Lion: thunder89
Naeri the Lioness: konatemaraca
Nanavi the Lioness: le_lizwe
Nasitra the Lioness: konatemaraca
Nguruma the Lioness: thunder89
Nyota the Lioness: konatemaraca
Phelesi the Leopard: botaukgosi
Runako the Lion: konatemaraca
Safire the Lioness: mystic_lioness
Saliek the Lioness: mystic_lioness
Sengalo the Lion: botaukgosi
Siera the Lioness: mystic_lioness
Tau the Lion: cowardly_hero
Tavarius the Lion: otieno
Tomai the Leopard: narmowens_axe
Valen the Lion: mystic_lioness